• Shield Hose From Abrasion & Cuts
• Easy to Install Without Removing Hose Lines
• Minimize Kinking
• Resists Water, Oil, Gas, Hydraulic Fluids, & Solvents
• Cannot Rust or Corrode  
• Ideal for Bundling Plastic Tubing or Hose Lines

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Our ARMOR-Wrap™ is used to protect hose assemblies from abrasion and cuts while also minimizing kinking of the hose in rugged operating conditions.  Constructed of a 100% polymer, it is more resistant to fire hazards than woven sleeve type protectors in that it won’t retain oil and sawdust.  It is environmentally stable and immune to attack by most chemicals. Black is the standard color with optional colors available.
Part No.Nominal OD (in)Nominal ID (in)Wall ThicknessRoll LengthRecommended Hose Size
HS-AW-0.350.470.350.05966 Feet
HS-AW-0.500.630.500.06766 FeetR16-2SC-04
HS-AW-0.630.790.630.07966 FeetR16-2SC-06
HS-AW-0.750.980.810.08766 FeetR16-2SC-06
HS-AW- FeetR16-2SC-08
HS-AW-1.251.571.360.10666 FeetR16-2SC-12
HS-AW-1.501.971.730.11866 FeetR16-2SC-16
HS-AW-2.002.482.180.15066 FeetR16-2SC-24
HS-AW-2.502.952.640.15866 FeetR16-2SC-32
HS-AW-3.003.543.150.19766 FeetFor Bundling
HS-AW-3.504.333.900.21739 FeetFor Bundling
HS-AW-4.504.924.450.23639 FeetFor Bundling
HS-AW-5.005.515.040.23639 FeetFor Bundling