Quality Assurance Points

Coordinate Measuring Machine - CMM

  • Male O-Ring Face Seal Groove Diameters.
    The CMM is the only way to identify and discard out of spec OFS grooves that will not give the correct Fill & Squeeze (1) for the O-ring to seal properly.
  • Internal Flares like Female JIC and Female JIC Swivel
    The CMM enables us to identify and discard parts that have incorrect sealing angles.
  • Female O-Ring Boss Counter Bore Angles
    The CMM identifies and discards the angles that will not give the proper Fill & Squeeze (1) of the O-ring for a proper seal.

Optical Comparator (Shadowgraph) with Digital Quadrachek 2000

The Quadracheck 2000 is used to identify and discard out of spec JIC nose diameters and 37° angles.

  • Male JIC Nose Diameters
    We discard small diameters that will distort the sealing surface and prevent a proper seal.
  • Male JIC 37° Angles
    We reject the sealing angles that won't seal properly.

Fixed Pitch Glastonbury/Southern Gage Thread Gauges ($150,000+)

  • Third-Party Calibration on a regular, computer-scheduled basis.
  • Long-Form Certifications for each newly purchased gauge & recalibration.
  • No-Go Gauges
    No-Go gauges enable us identify parts that have insufficient thread material. Insufficient threaded parts cannot reliably handle the PSI ratings set forth by SAE.
  • Go Gauges
    Go gauges enable us inspect and eliminate parts that would be difficult to install properly.
  • L1 / L2 Gauges
    These gauges allow us to examine and discard male pipe threads that can bottom out and cause a spiral leak path.
  • 6-Step Gauges
    The 6-Step guage facilitates inspecting and discarding parts that have flat threads that will not seal.
  • Calipers
    Calipers assist in inspecting & discarding incorrect male O-ring diameters that can allow an improper Fill & Squeeze (1) or percentage of rubber in the hole.

Profilometer - Electronically Measures Surface Finish or Smoothness

  • Male and Female JIC Flare, Female OFS Flat-Face, Female O-Ring Boss, and 30° chamfers.

Rockwell Hardness Tester

  • Tests the hardness of the steel to ensure tensile strength, which is needed to keep the connection tight.

Pressure Test Stand

  • Verifies burst pressure ratings.