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Business Philosophy

We believe the book Theory R. Management by Wayne Alderson lays out the philosophy we wish to operate as a company. Theory R. Management is about the Value of the Person. It has five basic principles: Doing what is Right; Treating people with Respect; Practicing Reconciliation; Building Relationships; and Taking Responsibility. These principles are guidelines for behavior and actions. They are the boundaries that we do not want to cross. We want to value people and be a better company. We feel these values are challenging and are the right things to do. It is our goal to live them out consistently and we dedicate ourselves to making them real.

Our Values

  • Valuing & Building Relationships

    We think this is the most important value. If you value people, you will pursue them and build them. We view every person as a person whom it is desirable and possible to build a relationship. To do this requires a mutual recognition of the other persons worth.

  • Doing what is Right

    This is an overall guideline for everything we do. Doing what is right paves the way for building relationships. When we do what is right, we feel good about what we do.

  • Treating people with Respect

    Always be respectful. We believe in sharing our ideas in a respectful manner and valuing others as they express their ideas. We let others do their jobs and acknowledge their accomplishments and positive behaviors.

  • Practicing Reconciliation

    Old grudges, hurt feelings that have never healed, and breakdowns in communication create excess baggage. The baggage includes a long list of emotional hurts, bitterness, anger, and disappointment. Feelings of alienation hurt relationships, stunt personal growth, restrict creativity and reduce the willingness to offer suggestions or participate in group activities. We must reconcile the differences that push us apart. We strive to acknowledge breakdowns in relationships, admit past failures, make adjustments, apologize, seek forgiveness and forgive.

  • Taking Responsibility

    We are called to take responsibility for our attitudes and actions. Value of the Person begins with us and how we treat each individual.

  • Our Vision

    To provide our customers with the highest value from excellent service, superior quality, and a competitive price.