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Thank you so much for your interest in working at Pressure Connections. Check back frequently for job openings and announcements.

Assembly Operator II - (Columbus, OH)

Job Description

Customer Service Rep - (Columbus, OH)

Job Description

Next Steps

To apply for a position, please use the link below to go to our short Pre-Employment test. Select the position you are interested in from the drop down menu. You will need to submit a resume and take a 10 minute test.


Top 8 Reasons Why People Want to Work For Pressure Connections Corp.

  1. Values

    We believe all people are created equal and should be treated with honor and respect. Safety, Quality, and then Productivity is our order of doing business.

  2. Development

    We are committed to developing each employee, enabling them to earn the money necessary to provide for his or her needs.

  3. Advancement Opportunities

    Of our 40+ employees, we have had many employees that started on the Shipping Team and advanced through promotions to leadership roles within the two companies. Many employees have been promoted to other teams where additional training or skill is required.

  4. Stability

    We started in 1981 with two employees and $125,000 in sales. In 25 years we have had almost no layoffs.

    Pressure Connections Corp. is a growing company that is currently in its 7th expansion of its facility.

  5. The People

    Our success has come from hiring quality people who care about their work and the people they work with. Our values drive our commitment to each other and encourage us to be there for each other.

  6. All work and no play? No way!

    We work hard at Pressure Connections, but we play hard too. We offer employees the chance to enjoy our games during lunch and after work. We have basketball, darts, foosball, pool table, ping pong, and a small workout facility. This is a great time of building relationships outside the structure of the company and reinforces the values we hold to as a company.

  7. Low Turnover

    Because of all of the above, Pressure Connections enjoys low turnover.

  8. Community Support

    Pressure Connections supports community ministries, 10% of our profit goes to urban ministries in Franklin County, Ohio, including Urban Concern and Youth for Christ.