Dear Valued Customer,

The current supply chain crisis continues to drive manufacturing and distribution costs to unprecedented levels.

Unfortunately, this puts us in a position where we must adjust pricing to reflect these rising costs. Due to the many variables at play, it is not possible to implement a flat, across-the-board increase. Therefore, in our efforts to minimize the impact, we will be reviewing each of our product groups and items individually. 

All orders shipped on or after July 6th will be subject to the new prices. At this time we do not know the exact price increases. However, as we continue to negotiate with our suppliers, and implement efficiency-driven cost savings initiatives, we expect the net effect to be in accord with the table below:

Products & Increase

  • Steel Adapters - 6-8%
  • Hydraulic Hose, Fittings, & Assemblies - 6-8%
  • Legend Plus Hydraulic Cylinders - *No Increase
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic QD's - 6-8%
  • Hydraulic Pumps - 6-8%
  • LSHT Hydraulic Motors - 6-8%
  • Industrial Hose & Couplings - 6-8%
  • Brass Fittings & Valves - 10-12%
  • Live Swivels - *No Increase
  • Stainless Steel Adapters - *No Increase
  • *No anticipated increase at this time.        

Special price agreements, including hose assemblies and custom kits, will be reviewed and updated within 30 days after the effective date.

All of the new price lists will be available for download from our website on July 6th. However, should you require an excel price sheet sooner, please reach out to our customer service team or your sales rep.

Thank you for your business!


Travis Adams

Executive Director of Sales 

Pressure Connections Corp